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Short but necessary introduction

Almost everything that you see around you, from the computer (or cell phone) in front of your eyes to the garbage cans in the streets – is designed with the help of a CAD or BIM Program. The thing is, there are dozens of different CAD and BIM Programs, and the ones used to design the chair you’re on, are not the ones used to design the house or office  you’re in.

What we do

– Is quite simple – we take whatever the manufacturer of an architecture related product gives us – be it a 2D sketch, a 3D model of some weird-never-heard-of CAD program or a simple photo – And we convert it in up to 15 different CAD file formats that are currently used by architects + we make a nice PDF technical sheet out of it. This PDF sheet is very important for architects who wish to create costum-made catalogs for their projects – For example, it allows the architect to show his clients exactly what elements he has chosen to furnish a room or a whole project. This makes the buying of the said elements once the project is executed – very easy.

What architects do on our site

All the architect has to do is, choose one or several objects that he desires, choose the file format of the CAD program he uses and download the object (FOR FREE).

Now the VIRTUAL COPY of a REAL product BECOMES PART OFthe architect’s CAD software. When the architect plans or designs, he simply takes that object and places it in his drawings. If he or she are talented, it’ll probably look something like this:

Night view of a Villa

Night view of a Villa

Everything you see in this Computer generated picture, except for the structure itself (the concrete, the stairs, the ceiling and the floors) are 3D objects available at our Free 3D objects catalog.

What manufactures and clients gain

So, this is exactly where the manufacturer MAKES PROFIT. Why? Because the architect brings an image such as this to its client and the client will most likely “fall” for it. It is the architect’s job (well, one of them…) to know and propose the most adequate and most aestetic architectural elements and furniture to its client’s project. We at Polantis, aim to create the most extensive 3D and 2D catalog on earth for the use of architects  and for the benefit of both clients and manufacturers.

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