Oct 07

Architects are famed for their resistance to new and exciting technologies. Reyner Banham, in his “Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment” stated that architects didnt start integrating air conditioning systems in to housing projects until 40 years after they were invented.
More recently, architects took around 20 years to completely abandon hand drawn “blueprints” in favour of CAD or Computer Aided Design. By 1984 few were taking advantage of the cutting edge systems of the day, namely, Autocad, Archicad and ARC+ . Unbelievably many architects still preferred hand drawn plans, even for projects as complex as Skyscrapers, right up until 1998!
Why are architects so reluctant to embrace new technology?  Is it, perhaps, that they consider themselves the link between the concrete, the logical and the tangible on one side and the artistic, the dreamy and the spiritual on the other?. Architects make dreams come true. An idea thats been developing over many years becomes something real, something people work in and live in. Learning about new software, however helpful it may be, is quite frankly low on the list of priorities.
Yet, Architects are bound by deadlines, budgets, clients and regulations. They need to save time to save money and that’s where we can help.
Polantis was created in 2008 and has 24,000 registered Architects and AEC professionals. We digitise products from leading manufacturers so our users can insert them directly in to their CAD drawings. We are across all CAD formats and we have dozens of clients including Armstrong, Villeroy and Boch and Saint-Gobain.
Polantis is leading a revolution in AEC design. Its similar to the one that transformed the world of engineering some 15 years ago. Engineers embraced the solution provided by Cadenas and made it an industry standard. The message to manufacturers was this «if you do not have ready-made format CAD objects that are exact reproductions of your products then we’ll work with someone who does.» The result? within few years, millions of engineers registered at Cadenas, enjoying millions of CAD objects for free, saving themselves thousands of man-years of useless work.
We want Architects to help us help them. We are pressuring AEC manufacturers to abandon paper catalogues in favour of ready made CAD objects that architects can insert directly in to their designs. It saves architects thousands of lost hours not to mention mountains of  paper. You can help us by registering at polantis.com and enjoy unlimited use of our service for free

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