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Mohamed Al Mufti

Mohamed Al Mufti


Perhaps the most vivid memory i have of Mohamed Al Mufti (We used to call him ‘Momo’) is the day he finished reading the French version of Ayn Rand’s epic “The Fountainhead” (French title:  “La Source vive”).  It was late night on “The Bronx” A locally famous Studio 14 (“Atelier 14”)  mezzanine of The ENSA-V. After reading the very last words of the Novel, Momo solenly declared that “Every Architect that respects himself should read that”. I did. Not because he said so, it was an old friend of mine who had sent it to me 2 years later as a birthday present. When i read it, (Being still an Architecture student at the time) i understood why Momo liked it so much. Momo was, and still is, a man with a well defined set of values. Quite like Howard Roark.

Perspectives for the "New Amienoises houses" competition

Perspectives for the "New Amienoises houses" competition


Momo was a skillful “pre-CGI era” architectural perspective artist. The perspectives he could draft rapidly with a pencil and some crayons could take even the most mediocre of designs and make it look appealing and brilliant. People knew that, and his perspectives would appear on many Diploma projects. His style is so distinguishable that the professors used to approach the panels and say “that’s a Momo, Right?” His images were his trademark.

Les closeaux primary school rehabilitation at Rungis - France

Les closeaux primary school rehabilitation at Rungis - France


There are many currents and trends in architecture today. But the only viable style is quality. I always felt “Levi’s” slogan “Quality never goes out of style” should have been the architecture world motto. I definately think Mohamed Al Mufti’s architecture is fullfilng just that premise. Architects and architecture critics tend to “over verbalize” designs. I think this architecture speaks very well for itself.

Niort (France) Private family house

Niort (France) Private family house

Mohamed Al Mufti has Offices in Paris and in Damascus. Visit his newly created site to see some more of his work and Art.

"Equilibre18" Oil on Canvas 100 X 80 cm

"Equilibre 18" Oil on Canvas 100 X 80 cm

8 Responses to “Mohamed Al Mufti – An architect you should know about”

  1. Massa al-Mufti says:

    Am Massa, Momo’s sister and can tell you with all honesty that i cannot but fully agree with you on everything you have stated in your article about Momo.
    One more thing I would like to add, Momo is a refined “humanist”, which is so well reflected in the philosophy behind all his work and his attidude towards life in general;
    He is a musician, quiet an “erudit” on Gypsy Music, which exemplifies for him one of the most genuine forms of art and being.
    Being his sister, I know that he adores children and gets inpiration from their “pure” perspective.

    Many thanks for a beautiful articles,
    Best Regards,
    Massa al-Mufti

  2. Sahban Abd Rabbo says:

    Hi, I am Sahban, one of Momo’s oldest friends, and also his webmaster…

    I also want to confirm all what is sayed about him in this article, and I truly believe that very soon Mohamed al Mufti will be a famous name in the architecture…

    All the best.

    Sahban Abd Rabbo

  3. Arnold17 says:

    Write an original storybook together. ,

  4. Mohammed Karout says:

    Mohammed Al Mufti is teaching now in my university ( the International University for Science & Technology ) in Syria, and he taught me one design course. The only thing I can say that he is a great architect and a great teacher, and I have learned so many things from him. I hope that I can be a good architect like him someday.

  5. Haya Aljajeh says:

    Im a student of dr mufti and from the very first day we met him i noticed his great passion for architecture…. just wanted to say that we’re lucky that he is teaching us.

  6. Mustafa Ghraoui says:

    They called me Ghali …I m a student of Dr. Mufti, he taught me tow design courses about real design. How to think like an architect, he is a great architect. And all above that he is a great teacher because to be an architect it’s great. But to teach it, it’s a talent. I hope to learn more from him…next days.
    Okay. Momo used to call me “Tarzan”…I don t know why. But it’s a nice sketch from him.

  7. rasha says:

    على شو شوفة الحال ماني فهمانة…تعلمت منو معنى اللئامة

  8. Unknown says:

    Everythin mentioned about Momo’s professional life is pretty impressive obviously.. but once u get to know him better, his personality, his intelligence, his sense of humor, his sweetness & passion, u’ll be even more amazed..
    am not quit sure if there’s a suitable word to describe what i need to say.. but having Momo in ur life (whether u’re a student, a friend, a family member, or a lover), will change it in a way that u would never expect.
    i’m so proud of u 🙂

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